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Visionect Across the World

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2022-08-03


IIn some parts of the world, printed wayfinding or traffic signs no longer exist. Ambling through a city center you will pass kiosks with real time information on activities, construction and more. Dynamic parking signs replaced paper updates. Even the humble meeting room door sign has been updated with not only the name of the room, but who has booked the room and when the room is free. What’s even more amazing – the room can be booked through the interactive door sign – a virtual meeting assistant. Her name is Joan and she is always available to help.

What have we learned in the last decade? Terms like game changer and disruptive tech apply to more than smartphones and apps. An organization in Slovenia has turned signage completely around and created the broadest complement of indoor and outdoor signage in the world. You could say, it’s a ‘better new normal.’


Visionect Around the World. Credit: Visionect


We love our GPS apps - Google Maps and Waze helped somewhat. They can usually spot traffic, detours and accidents. Have you lost signal in a major urban center? Once you enter a building – you are on your own.

Wayfinding isn’t limited to vehicles. Sometimes we are the vehicle. Hiking, biking, skiing – a few outdoor activities where it’s important to know where we are – and where we’re going. Many trails have printed plaques to give direction. What if a trail is closed? Waiting for a sign to be created to announce dangerous terrain can lead to tragedy.

Tourismus Oberstdorf found the perfect year round solution with Visionect & Mercury Systems’ Besucherleitsystem – the Visitor Guidance System. Heat of summer or freezing winter temperatures don’t slow down visitors.


Oberstdorf summer
Summer in Oberstdorf. Credit: Visionect




Oberstdorf winter

Winter in Oberstdorf. Credit: Visionect



Plug and Play-1

Plug and Play. Credit: Visionect


For the habitually confused driver or pedestrian – the perfect choice is prominent public digital signage updated in real time.




Real time bus schedules. Credit: Visionect


Long-time E Ink partner Visionect has championed wayfinding both on the street and inside structures. Check the latest blog from Visionect on digital signage use cases around the globe.

Our Visionect real time experience started with Joan, Meeting Room Assistant. We have one at E Ink for every conference room.




Latest Joan 6. Credit: Visionect


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How can real-time digital signage from Visionect improve your life?  We’ve only begun to experience the better ‘new normal!’

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