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E Ink’s Partner, Visionect, Provides Display for “The Blank Slate Monument”

Posted by Jenn Vail on 2021-08-20

The Blank Slate Monument, a moving sculpture by Kwame Akoto-Bamfo, is touring the United States, offering reflection and participation in the civil rights conversation through the medium of art and modern technology. Unlike a static monument, The Blank Slate Monument features a dynamic protest sign – which can be updated with messages from the audience.

The artist, Kwame Akoto-Bamfo, stated “The placard is not just a symbol but it is literally the voice of the people. I left it blank because a monumental few words from one artist will not be enough to express the thoughts and emotions of millions of people.”



Blank Slate: Hope For a New America sculpture in Times Square in New York City. Photo by Roshi Sariaslan, courtesy of The Blank Slate Monument


Visionect created this 32” “Slate” using an E Ink Digital Paper panel, and it is powered by a battery pack. E Ink’s unique technology has enabled the integration of a dynamic display – leveraging E Ink’s bi-stable nature, the display can run for long periods off a battery, and no power cords are needed, as would be the case for another display medium. The display is running Raspberry Pi, connects via WiFi and content is managed through WordPress apps and custom Visionect software.



Image from Visionect. Read their post on this special project: https://www.visionect.com/blog/the-blank-slate-monument-a-powerful-message-on-a-powerful-screen/


Visionect has been working with E Ink panels since 2007, and is a leader in providing low-power, digital display solutions. Learn more at: https://www.visionect.com/about/.

Learn more about this special monument: https://blankslatemonument.com/.

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