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E Ink Monitors – Yea or Nay?

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-12-12

Every tradeshow we attend, we get questions about E Ink modules for monitors. We heard you and there are choices!

I’m not one to bury the lead, so let’s start with the Boox Mira Pro – 25” with front light. And, the orientation switches from landscape to portrait – at your command!


Boox Mira Pro

Front light enhances readability.

Multiple ports to connect peripherals.

Two speakers for quality sound.

Adjustable angle and screen rotation are ergonomic adjustments.

25” diagonal

Rotation makes online text editing just like a paper document.

That Mira Pro is a busy/business monitor.

Boox Mira Pro
Image: Boox


Easily portable with a protective folio case, this monitor is made for travel. Light weight, choice of grey or silver finish, the features are there for you to enjoy.


Features include –

Adjustable front light

Lightweight aluminum alloy

Type C & HDMI inputs

Vertical, horizontal, and multi window modes

13.3 diagonal

Image: Dasung

Lenovo Dual Display

Bridging the gap between monitor and laptop is the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist. Additionally, it has an E Ink color panel. The “twist” is that the display can be swiveled between the LCD face and the E Ink ePaper face. This is big!

The advantages of the dual display is battery conservation and reducing eyestrain. As we learned in the blue light study from Harvard School of Public Health, ePaper from E Ink is less stressful to our eyes than LCD or LED screens. Click here for a video.


Blue light meter
Reflective & front light beats LED background and reflective light alone.
Image: E Ink


You asked for ePaper screens – you got them!

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