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Why Should I Care About Blue Light? This is Why - Harvard School of Public Health Says So.

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-07-18


As you learn about E Ink ePaper, you understand that ePaper is safer for our eyesight than LED or LCD screens. E Ink supported a study with the Harvard School of Public Health which examined the dangerous effects of blue light from emissive displays..


E Ink created a short video to show the difference – click here.

Graphic comparison of LED and ePaper displays

Reflective & front light beats LED backlight and reflective light alone.

Credit: E Ink


Compared to the reflective displays – E Ink ePaper – the finding was that ePaper is three times better for your eyes.


LCD emission graphic

LCD (left) floods your eyes with Blue Light.
E Ink ePaper, even with front light, is still reflective. No damaging Blue Light

Credit: E Ink


It’s the backlight. All that light pours right into your eyes. Think of the screen time in a normal day. My phone has a daily report with the total time the screen was lit each day. Let’s look at the list:

Monitors (laptop or desktop, gaming)

Studies show that the average adult is viewing 13 hours of emissive /blue light displays every day.

How do your eyes feel at the end of the day? Dry, watery, itchy, tired? Think about it.


Credit: E Ink


I get notices every month about a specific health concern – heart disease, various cancers, and more. June is Child Vision Awareness Month. Kids love their screens. Do you think explaining to a child the negative effects of Blue Light will scare them into reducing their screen time?

Here’s a question to my peers – did your parents tell you to move back from the TV when you were a child to protect your eyes? Hands up if you got the warning. Follow up – how many of you scootched back closer to the TV when your parents left the room? Yup, me too.

I didn’t always follow mom’s advice, but we didn’t have so many opportunities to ruin our eyes back then. We were relatively protected. Today, we’re no longer protected.  The depletion of the ozone layer necessitates SPF 30+ to spend any time outdoors.  At least we have options for our eye health - and protecting kids' eyesight.




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