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Complete Sustainability Structure Review

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2024-03-05

Wonder where E Ink stands in Sustainability? Here’s where you look to review our progress.

E Ink has a page devoted to our Sustainability campaigns. The home page is divided into four segments:

Products, Environment, Society, and Governance. A rolling banner of news items highlights the activity within the Sustainability initiative.


PESG home page

Credit: E Ink



Clicking on each letter reveals the metrics for each segment of the Sustainability Structure.

Choosing the More button takes you to the News, Product, Production, Supply Chain, Enterprise Care, and Social pages.

All your questions will be answered on this page. Results, Plans and Goals, as well as our latest Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR). There is so much information, we would need several posts to describe it all.

Instead, take a tour of the PESG site. Take it all in to see E Ink’s commitment to Sustainability. More to come!

Read more about E Ink's top 5% rating in the 2024 S&P Sustainability Yearbook.

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