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E Ink Reaches top 5% Level in S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2024-02-27

One thing humans enjoy more than most things is performance scoring – aka competitive ranking. Sports, push ups, eating contests – the subject is less important than the score. How do we rate among peers, competitors, siblings – all the important metrics.

E Ink was one in over 9,400 companies were assessed for inclusion in The Sustainability Yearbook 2024. Only 759 companies were included in the 2024 edition. The score was 89 of 100%. Read the release here.


S&P 2024 yearbook ranking

Credit: S&P Global


Since we’re talking metrics, here are the pertinent numbers, courtesy of S&P:

62 industries,

9,400 companies assessed,

174,000 documents assessed,

165.5 million data points collected.

E ink was also designated as an Early Adopter by the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).

This is E Ink Holdings’ second time in the yearbook. In 2023, E Ink Holdings was in the top 10% among 7,800 companies. I won’t embarrass myself with my shoddy math, but there was significant uptick in competition this year (I got 18% - check me). And E Ink was designated an Industry Mover.

Why is this important? This designation demonstrates E Ink’s commitment to sustainable practices. The company has pledged to carbon neutrality by 2040. For a manufacturer, that is impressive.


Sustainability Jan22 Awrd

Credit: E Ink


For more information on sustainability through technology, click on this webinar link.

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