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What’s New at the T? Solar powered E Ink ePaper kiosks!

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-12-26

As America’s first subway system (beating out New York City in 1897), The T – aka Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority or MBTA – has been a pioneer. Now the T will sport E Ink ePaper kiosks along the Green line.

These solar powered kiosks are utilizing E Ink ePaper to its best advantage. Being bi-stable, the kiosk only draws power when the image changes. Without wiring, the kiosk can be mounted anywhere quickly and cost effectively.

Enhanced data on arrivals and routing give the commuter the best information in real time.



Image: MBTA


The trial started in 2017. In 2019, bus stops were included. Temperature extremes did not diminish the performance of the ePaper kiosks.



Image: MBTA


To track the trial status, check the dedicated MBTA trial page. For the history of the T, check this link.

Tell us about your experience with the E Ink ePaper kiosks on the Green Line!

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