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What Difference Can We Make? A Huge Difference – When We Work Together

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2022-04-13

How often do you hear – I’m only one person. What difference can I make?

What if a few individuals form a group and create an initiative? And then recruit family and friends to join their efforts. And what if their respective employers also join in? And so on, and so on . . .

E Ink has had a Philanthropic Committee for many years. Inkers (that’s what we call ourselves) promote their passion projects and campaigns within the organization. We are a decent size company – three sites in the US, not quite 500 employees, contractors, co-ops in each site. Fund raising initiatives include charities and events to benefit many causes – medical and social themes, as well as the environment.

E Ink joined the UN Global Compact in 2017 and in 2021 alone donated $135 million to various causes supporting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. How does that help the planet? Take a look:

Impact Summary of E Ink Inkers:

- 39,060 Life changing impacts worldwide

- 4,200 Trees planted in the world

- 21,000 Days of Education to children globally

- 420 Bricks made of recycled plastic waste to build schools in Indonesia

- 29,400 Impacts to offset our US office carbon emissions (one month)

- 420 lbs. of CO2 equivalent by rescuing meals in the US

How can you get onboard to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Check out the UN Global Compact site today. Join us in promoting sustainability campaigns!


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Image credit: UN Global Compact





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