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Visionect New CMS Software Enables Smooth Integration

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2024-02-05

We have so many devices - a dizzying array of logins, and varying processes for updating – so many rules. Don’t over use your passwords – as if you could. Every device has distinct parameters to create passwords. Characters, numbers, upper & lower case, special characters. Don’t write them down –it’s not secure!

Once you hit on the correct password and maybe 2FA – 2 factor authentication – then there’s the process to upload your content. Templates vs format as you type. How well does your content fit the template? Do you waste time tweaking space by space to make the words fit?


32 Place&Play Visionect

32” Place & Play Credit: Visionect


Why can’t more devices run like Visionect’s Place & Play CMS? The blog tells us all we need to know:

Be up and running quickly. No wiring required with the magnetic mounts.



13 Place&Play on stand

13” Place & Play. Credit: Visionect


From unboxing to loading content quickly and efficiently. Begin enjoying the intersection of hardware and software compatibility along with the benefits of E Ink ePaper – ease of reading – reflective, not emissive like LCD protects eyesight; low power consumption due to the bistable nature of ePaper – only draws power when updating. This allows the Place & Play to run for months between charging. The added benefit is that there is much less wear and tear on the Place & Play, leading to a longer lifespan than non ePaper displays. The lightweight modules mesh with Visionect’s magnetic mounting system.



Simple to add content. Image: Visionect


Templates are easy to use and include real time previews we called it WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get – back in the day).

Your content is safe in a secure, cloud based environment, easily accessed by staff.

Why can’t more devices be so efficient? Learn more at Visionect and E Ink.


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