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Sunlight Readability is a Big Deal!

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-10-04

Why is it sunlight readability important? Let me tell you a vacation story.

A few weeks ago, I was in Key West. It was my first time. Fast forward, it’s time to leave. We turned in the rental car and went to the airport.

There’s a small (makes regional airports look huge) airport right there as you cross the last, long bridge to Key West proper. Medium size jets fly in and out. Not a very robust schedule. They are in the middle of a major renovation. No ramps, walk out to the tarmac and climb up to the plane.

Here’s the interesting part – they insisted on paper boarding passes! Can you imagine? Gate agent announced at least 5 times that every passenger needed a paper boarding pass. You can see where I’m going with this.

Over and over, passengers lined up and tried to use their phones to board. Some were so indignant that they had to leave the line and wait for a paper boarding pass.

Why the fuss? Because to access the planes, there was a winding path leading to a numbered queue – separate number for each invisible gate. When you got to the plane, another gate agent checked your paper boarding pass to ensure you were in the correct line. So?

Florida – bright sun. Melt your retinas bright. No way to quickly check LCD screens. If only an ePaper screen was available.

But wait! Here’s the Hisense line up of smartphones with E Ink ePaper displays:


Hisense A5 4G black and white

Hisense A5 4G smartphone with an E Ink ePaper display!
Image: Hisense




Hisense A5 Pro CC

Hisense A5 Pro CC Color E Ink smartphone with color E Ink ePaper display!
Image: Hisense



Hisense A7 5G


Hisense A7 5G smartphone with an E Ink ePaper display!
Image: Hisense



Hisense A7 CC


Hisense A7 CC smartphone with a color E Ink display!
Image: Hisense




Hisense A9 Pro color smart phone with ePaper


Hisense A9 Pro smartphone with an E Ink ePaper display!
Image: Hisense



Check out all the Hisense E Ink ePaper display phones here!

Where else is sunlight readability crucial? Stay tuned for more examples.



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