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Spectra 3100 Kit Unboxing

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-09-12

This week, Brandon LaBelle, E Ink communication manager, is unboxing the Spectra 3100 kit from the EVK shop. Check it out here.

Here is what is included:

3” Spectra 3100 ePaper display

Four color particle display – red, black, yellow and white


Spectra 3100 display
Spectra 3100 display. Credit: E Ink.


What you will need:

The HULK driving board is available separately. The board can be used with other displays from E Ink.

PC with USB port

Hulk board
HULK driving board. Credit: E Ink


Images are included. An email with the required software to customize the display will be sent after purchase.

The unboxing video shows how to assemble the display and driving board. A software tutorial is included.

It’s really easy to set up and load images. Settings are a snap too.

Spectra 3100 and Hulk board
Spectra 3100 display kit and HULK driving board, with cable. Credit: E Ink


What will you load onto your display?


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