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Smart Retail - What's Next?

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2021-01-25

Have you felt overwhelmed in a superstore? So many aisles, so many products. How do you find anything? How do you choose? How does the retailer keep you in the store as long as possible? How does a brand stand out with so much competition? How does a chain ensure that thousands of items are priced appropriately? Flash sale? Don’t get me started!

Traditional paper or plastic shelf labels and point of sales signage just can’t compete. If only there was a medium that could be updated instantly – use animation to catch attention – really draw shoppers to a specific item.

seg Banner fitment-1Many design options


Enter segmented Digital Paper from E Ink. Here is a solution with so many design options. Take a look at some examples from our site - https://www.eink.com/electronic-shelf-label.html?type=application&id=5.

To get the creative ball rolling – register for the newest segmented digital paper webinar - E Ink: Unique Solutions For Your Unique Design, Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 1:00pm Eastern

Register here - https://go.eink.com/sign-up-for-our-webinar-unique-solutions-for-your-unique-design

In addition to retail, a custom segmented E Ink display can benefit your new design in any setting. Segmented displays have many beneficial features

   - Lightweight 
  - Flexible
  - Easy to ready
  - Low power
  - Custom sizes and shapes
  - And more


Instant updates across different aisles

This webinar will cover all aspects of designing, implementing and procuring a custom E Ink segmented display. The anatomy of segmented displays as well an overview of our partners is included.

Designers and product managers will benefit from this webinar, in addition to mechanical engineers.

Our presenter is Steve O'Neil. Steve is the first line of communication for all aspects of segmented display products. With over 25 years of Business Development and Technical Sales Steve manages the process from concept to production. Steve is responsible for display designs in Consumer Electronics, Mobile Devices, Industrial Applications, Retail and Medical Devices – and more.

If you can’t join us for the live webinar, the recording will be available soon after the webinar ends. Register now!

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