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Rakuten Kobo Elipsa eNote with E Ink Digital Paper Gets Me

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2021-11-10

The first time I was impressed – even aware – of awesome design was in the early 1970’s. I received a very cool birthday present – the Panasonic Toot-A-Loop AM radio. Yup, the FM band was pretty fancy at that time. The AM band was standard for battery operated, portable radios back in the day.


Panasonic Toot-A-Loop

Panasonic Toot-A-Loop radio
Photo credit: Pinterest


I wore that radio like a bracelet whenever and as often as possible. I had it handy during lunch period at school, wore it around the house, on shopping trips – anywhere I went. I was a technological influencer – even though the term hadn’t been created yet.

Other tech impressed me – surround sound, digital cameras, hot steam hair curlers. The next time I was really blown away was in 2010 with my third cell phone – the Samsung Alias. It was the first phone to switch between a flip phone and landscape orientation with full keyboard. Also noteworthy is that the keyboard in both modes was an E Ink module!


          Samsung Alias landscape WIkiwand           Samsung Alias portrait WIkiwand


Samsung Alias
Photo credit: Wikiwand

My latest fascination is with eNote devices – electronic notebooks which you can use as eReaders, and as digital notebooks – to upload and download files, and take handwritten notes - just like a paper notebook. Full disclosure, I am an E Ink employee and the eNotes I covet contain E Ink Digital Paper. eNotes have been discussed here before – but I was really stunned with the new Rakuten Kobo Elipsa eNote.

The rest of this blog is contained in the following images.


Elipsa 1

Image credit: E Ink


I wrote a few lines, tapped twice, and the OCR app transformed my chicken scratch into type! You don’t believe it was that easy. Neither did I! So I did it again.


Elipsa 3Image credit: E Ink


Above is proof that I have the handwriting of a serial killer. The nuns at St. Joseph’s would be scandalized – all those pages of cursive letter practice – and that’s how I write??


Elipsa 4Image credit: E Ink


Two taps – done!

But the font is wonky. Can’t have that.


Elipsa 5Image credit: E Ink


Two more taps on the oversize text – bam! All is well. I’m giggling over here!

If your handwriting might alarm law enforcement – you need the Rakuten Kobo Elipsa!

The eNote capabilities are amazing. File transfer is simple using Rakuten Kobo’s application. Connect the cable to your laptop – choose upload to your device or Dropbox.

Adding books and other PDF files is a snap as well. The Help files are easy to follow. Check out the Rakuten Kobo help topics for more information.

Love a title, or an audio book? Want to own it forever? Click on the eBooks tab at the kobo.com site and search!

Remember public libraries? Have eReaders made physical libraries obsolete? Hardly!! Check out OverDrive – Rakuten Kobo’s link to many public libraries. Find your local library – you need a membership to the public library – and check out books!!! Seriously, could it be any easier to enjoy countless volumes?

Summary – the Rakuten Kobo Eiipsa eNote ROCKS!



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