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Nightmare before Halloween – Where’s the ePaper?

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-10-31

Where is all the ePaper?

I went to sleep with my Paperwhite in my hand. I had the strangest experience.

I dreamt of Halloween – tricks. treats, pranks, costumes and parties. This is strange because I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since high school. I do like the candy, however.


Yum, candy! Image: Google


I woke up – it was Halloween Day. Everything seemed the same as the day before. One thing was off – couldn’t find the Paperwhite. I looked a little, figured it was tangled in my comforter. Ok, you caught me – I don’t make my bed ever day!

Paperwhite amber light
Paperwhite. Image: Amazon


I start my day. It was unusual because I needed to make some stops before I went to the office. First stop was an electronic big box store. Something was off. I realized that the shelf labels were paper. I know they had ePaper electronic shelf labels the last time I was there. Odd.


I went to get some breakfast at a chain diner. The menu boards were so bright. LCD? But last week they were ePaper.

Menu board
Image: E Ink


I went into the office – I tried, anyway. E Ink wasn’t there! Some random office building was in its place.


office bldg Free 3D
NOT E Ink US headquarters. Image: Free 3D


I drove past a bus stop – no kiosks with scheduling information. Ok, something is up.


Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop 2
Image: Connectpoint


Starting to put the pieces together. I am in a world without ePaper! How could this be??

Totally freaked out, I headed home. Tried to get some work done but I was totally distracted. So, I took a nap.

It was a pretty long nap. I woke up the next morning – there was my Paperwhite! Retraced my steps from the day before – menus, electronic shelf tags, bus kiosks. What a relief!

I don’t want to live in a world without ePaper!

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