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Kaleido News Roundup

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2021-03-18

E Ink announced the new Kaleido Plus module in February, 2021. What is the world saying about the new release? Check out these outlets for the scoop.


P1000594 BigmeFebruary 10 – GoodEReader reviews the Bigme B1 Pro Color with Kaleido



pfnytthhcdgj6l3jx50x Gizmodo InkPad

February 16 – Gizmodo reviews the PocketBook InkPad Color 



P1010199-scaled GoodeReader KaliedoFebruary 26 – GoodEReader reviews Linfiny color Digital ePaper



im-304990 WSJ Kaliedo-1March 3 – Wall Street Journal reviews Digital Paper (subscription required)




bvku4ocpmxpsflrf0aee Gizmodo Kaliedo

  March 3 – Gizmodo reviews the PocketBook InkPad Color



Nova3-Color_01-650x500 Liliputing

March 8 – Liliputing reviews Onyx Boox Nova 3  




e_ink_multimedia GoodeReader Kaliedo2-1

March 9 - GoodeReader announces Kaleido Plus


pocketbook-color-vs-inkpad-color-e1615622850297 Kaliedo comparison GoodeReader

March 13 – GoodEReader compares Kaleido and Kaleido Plus 


Choice is important. This summer, enhanced Kaleido Plus offers consumers the low power consumption, bistable (last image stays on screen – no ‘fade to black’), easy readability and portability of Digital Paper with the option of color.

The choice is yours!


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