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Just Hours Left Before Display Week 2023!

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-05-19

We are down to the wire for Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles. All indications are this will be a colorful exhibit!

Along with the black and white demos, we have a long list of color units – starting with the first Gallery color eNote from BigMe – the Galy. Adding on, the BigMe Kaleido, PocketBook Inkpad Color, Onlyx Kaleido S6 and the Hisense Color phone.

Lager color exhibits include Kaleido Outdoor, Gallery Plus, and an array of Spectra 6 demos.


bmw crystal blogBMW iVision Dee.


Most noticeable will be the Prism 3 exhibit – it’s the iVision Dee film from the hugely popular BMW keynote at CES23.

SID23 Booth Invite


Follow us around the booth - #DisplayWeek2023 #ePaper. If you will be at Display Week, stop by and check out the color in booth #807.

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