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From Kindle to Beyond: Navigating the World of Consumer E Ink Tech

Posted by E Ink on 2024-03-12

For many, the most commonly known E Ink consumer device is one that made its debut in 2007: the Amazon Kindle. Since then, countless companies have integrated E Ink technology into their devices, from wearables and computers to mobile devices, clocks, eNotes, and more.

So, why are consumers interested in E Ink? That’s easy – ePaper devices are easy to carry, have the look of real paper, and are easy to view in direct sunlight. Additionally, E Ink devices have an extremely long battery life, meaning you can bring it on vacation and forget the charger at home. These devices also help minimize distractions and offer users a break from typical online noise and notifications that can take away from work or relaxation.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways companies have leveraged E Ink displays in their consumer products:



ePaper has found its way into many kinds of wearable devices. Spanning from smartwatches and eyewear to clothing and badges, E Ink displays enable these devices to serve a unique purpose. E Ink smartwatches like the Gen 6 Wellness Edition Hybrid Smartwatch from Fossil have a battery life that can’t be beat, ensuring the device won’t die mid-workout. E Ink displays are also reflective, meaning they are easy to view in direct sunlight, so users can check the time and their wellness metrics without having to worry about sunlight readability.


Other wearables, such as the Sol Reader, ProRacing Jacket, and Badger, showcase how E Ink can be used to transform products, making them more efficient and easier to use. For example, Badger smart badges are designed for healthcare. The E Ink badge brings closed captions to real life, enabling those who are deaf or hearing-impaired to easily understand what the wearer is saying by converting speech to text in real time.



Fossil Hybrid WatchGen 6 Wellness Edition Hybrid Smartwatch
Credit: Fossil


Whether it’s for work, school, or play, computers are often used daily by consumers. Companies like DASUNG, Philips, and Lenovo are setting themselves apart from the competition with E Ink. ePaper monitors and laptops provide consumers with the option to choose a different kind of screen time that will still allow them to write, check emails, and read articles while giving their eyes a break from harmful blue light.


Dasung 25.3 curved monitor

DASUNG 25.3” Curved E Ink Monitor
Credit: DASUNG


Mobile Devices

The average daily time spent on a phone is expected to reach 4 hours and 39 minutes by 2024. With people chronically online and constantly digitally connected, many are looking for a digital detox. E Ink mobile devices such as the Light Phone II, DASUNG Link, and Hisense E Ink Smartphone give users the option to swap out their LCD phone for a more eye-friendly, distraction-free option.  


Even those that don’t plan on getting rid of their LCD smartphones can soon enjoy an E Ink mobile device, with companies like Infinix introducing the E-Color Shift technology at CES 2024 in a concept smartphone. This technology, which features E Ink Prism 3, would let consumers customize the back panel of their devices by changing and maintaining vibrant colors without consuming power.


Infinix E-Color shift TechnologyInfinix E-Color Shift Technology
Credit: Infinix


eReaders & eNotes

Of course, we can’t forget about eReaders and eNotes. These devices provide consumers with a distraction-free environment for getting their reading and writing done. The addition of color E Ink, such as Kaleido 3, allows use cases to expand and creativity to increase. For example, with the BOOX Tab Ultra C consumers can use different colors to annotate, draw, interpret data, and more.


Boox Tab Ultra C-1
BOOX Tab Ultra C
Credit: BOOX


Diverse Products

E Ink is often integrated into a variety of consumer devices and applications such as crypto wallets, clocks, typewriters, and more. Due to its eye-friendly and distraction-free nature, E Ink makes the perfect display for clocks such as the Mudita Harmony, which helps users establish healthy bedtime habits and improve quality of sleep, and the Author Clock, which tells time through literary quotes, updating every minute of the day.


Author Clock

Author Clock
Credit: Author Clock


There’s no doubt we’ll continue to see companies gravitate towards E Ink displays for a variety of consumer applications. What kind of consumer E Ink device do you want to see next?

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