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ESL – Do I Need This in my Store?

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-03-09


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One of the fastest growing applications for Digital Paper is the retail segment – Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). Tying in product pricing and inventory management – tracking sales through the backend software apps – streamlines ordering and restocking, as well as provides vital data for planning and purchasing. Maintain accurate pricing in many locations with a keystroke.


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The Digital Paper angle is clear – easy to read, low power usage – battery life up to 5 years, broad temperature range, wide temperature range to include chillers and freezers, 3 and 4 color options.

No brainer, right? Well there are some stragglers holding out with LCD labels or worse – stickers!

True story – some items use the same size cap no matter how the size of the bottle.   Back in the day before scanning and bar codes, a big brand name of bleach used the same caps for all the bottles – large and small. My aunt would switch the caps – putting the cheaper price on the larger bottle. I don’t think she was the only one. Shh, don’t let her know I told on her!


Electronics have aided retail in many ways – ensuring pricing is consistent in every location. Accurate reporting ensures better availability on the shelves.

Are Digital Paper ESLs worth the investment? Allegro Logistics explains the pros & cons.

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What’s your experience been with Digital Paper shelf labels? Where can you start to create ESLs? Check out our Business Partner and Application pages on our site. Don’t forget the dev kits!

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