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ESG at Every Level of the Corporation

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-02-09

ESG is the hottest topic – bigger than Tik Tok ads! Environmental, Social, Governance drives all parts of process, decision making, resource commitment and more in corporations and government agencies. This is the new benchmark to gauge an entity’s values and willingness to do more good than harm to Earth. That’s a lot for three letters.

We read about tree planting, widespread replacement of single use anything with reusable products – water bottles, flatware, cups – so many items! Corporations are buying renewable energy credits to offset their carbon footprint. They are reducing physical waste and pollutants in the air, water and soil. This and more are excellent means toimprove the health of the Earth.

Not every ESG initiative needs to be so grand. There are many smaller scope, grassroots initiatives that create an impact as well.

At E Ink, the Ad Hoc Philanthropic Committee (AHPC) has a number of programs each year to support ESG initiatives. The annual clothing drive started in 2003 and in 2023, and despite a slowdown during COVID’S height, the pounds of textiles and footwear collected rise each year.

Clothing drive 2003 to 2023
Image: E Ink AHPC, Keith Jacobsen


From its inception in 2003, the clothing drive has donated 27,690 lbs of clothing, shoes, and linens! The average donation this year was 7.4 lbs per Inker. Some Inkers couldn’t donate, so for the people who did, the number is much higher.

This is a direct decrease in textiles going to landfills or languishing in a basement or attic to be dealt with later. Goodwill has accepted the donations from the start. How many families have been helped to stay warm or cool during the year? Budget tight? Goodwill and other donation centers are open to help. What defines sustainability better than passing along what you no longer need to someone in need?


Image: members of the AHPC at E Ink – from left, Nicole Phang, Eric Duchaine, Jennifer Lampron,
Keith Jacobsen (chair), Chris Bayan, E Ink


Keith’s thoughts -"I started running E Ink's 'Ad Hoc Philanthropic Committee' (AHPC) within 6 months of joining E Ink (taking over from Tim O'Malley). As a young startup, we had a strong group of employees passionate about helping our neighbors. Our employee led AHPC has coordinated over 250 charity events over the last 21 years. Each event is championed by 1-3 employees. One example is our annual clothing drive for Goodwill Industries, which has raised 27,690 pounds of clothing over 21 years. Our collective spirit of teamwork and giving is one of the hallmarks of E Ink culture." Keith Jacobsen, chair of AHPC.


What can you do at home or at work to build on E Ink’s efforts? Every little bit helps.

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