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E Ink Returns to Display Week 2022

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2022-05-26

Stop the presses!! This is big! Display Week 2022 was live and E Ink was there!

Well, big news for us. The last time we were at Display Week was 2019, in San Jose. It was a great show, and we missed the IRL experience.

The time apart was good for both SID/Display Week and E Ink. We got to work on a bunch of new things that seemed to please the crowds in San Jose this year.

We hit the Display Week with a two prong approach – lots of new tech and speakers.


Let’s look at the tech.



Gallery 3 eReader and eReader with handwriting – newest version of ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper).



Rollable Foldable table2

Gallery 3 Rollable and Foldable demos – two new examples of flexibility and beautiful color.



Spectra 3100 Plus – 25.3” with Red, Black, Yellow and Orange – very vibrant and attendees were impressed!


E Ink Kaleido 3_E Ink Kaleido Plus_Compare

Kaleido Plus and Kaleido 3 Panels



Kaleido Plus vid and Kaleido3 kit


Kaleido Plus video (left) and Kaleido 3 demo kit



Prism Kitchen wall

Prism 3 – kitchen of the future with Prism color changing film.



         JustTint wall   BMW wall   


BWM and JustTint –  the BMW concept SUV with color changing film and sunroof tinting .


Transportation wall

Transportation wall - Digital View 42" Transportation Sign, 28" Gallery Plus, 25" Gallery Plus



Healthcare wall2

Healthcare wall with 42" Avalue Digital Whiteboards, eNote, Badger,
Abbott Glucose Meter, Bigfoot Insulin Pen


All images: E Ink


Our speakers this year covered a lot of ground. Sessions included:

 - Edzer Huitema, CTO –Electrophoretic Displays: From eReaders to Smart and Green Surfaces Everywhere.

 - Dirk Hertel, Principal Scientist - Gamut Rings of Reflective ePaper Displays with Combined Frontlight and Ambient Illumination.

 - Pete Valianatos, Senior Director – E Ink Films Can Enhance Automotive Design, Performance and User Experience.

 - Hong-Mei Zang, AVP – Electrophoretic Display Comprising Black, White, Red and Yellow Particles.

And to make it the event of the century – Society of Information Display celebrated its 60th anniversary. A special gathering included speakers from the SID association and sponsors giving perspective of the growth of the display industry.

If you missed Display Week this year, no worries! The virtual event is open until mid September, 2022. Click here for registration. We are putting together a virtual booth tour video now – stay tuned!

See you next year at Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles!

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