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Dasung Does It Again: 12 inch color ePaper monitor

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2024-04-02

Dasung, the company that introduced the first color monitor with an E Ink Kaleido display in 2023, has introduced the newest Kaleido monitor a 12 inch version. If you wish you could take the 25.3 inch monitor with you, then this mini is for you.


Dasung’s first Kaleido monitor can rotate to landscape or portrait orientation. Demonstrating a high level of UX (user experience), the ePaper is gentle to eyes of all ages. Color code your spreadsheets with abandon! Presentations are more compelling in Kaleido color. Use all the crayons – 4,096!


Dasung 25.3 color monitor

Dasung 25.3 inch Kaleido monitor. Credit: New Atlas.com



The bistable characteristic of ePaper means you can compute and create for long hours with no flickering or blue light.   The monitor needs power only when changing the image. The front light counters low light environments without blasting light where it’s not needed. An example – if I don’t turn off my LCD monitors, I can see the glow from my home office in my bedroom. Not relaxing at all!


Color Dasung ePaper 12 in monitor

Dasung 12 inch Kaleido monitor. Credit: Dasung


Take the 12 inch Dasung out to the deck, away for the weekend, create a remote remote office – like at a lake house or a hotel during a conference or event. You have the means to replicate your workspace anywhere there’s WiFi.


Where will you set up your office? More information at Dasung.

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