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BOOX Mira Pro ePaper Monitor Review

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2023-04-04

We spend so much time in front of screens – LCD & LED screens. Most of us carry a little LCD screen with us everywhere we go. Blue light? What’s that?


CCT chart
Example of the light spectrum. Credit: E Ink


It’s actually dangerous to your eyes. The blue light part of the light spectrum emitted by LCD and LED components strains your eyes. E Ink has been saying it all along – ePaper is kinder on your eyes – as kind as paper. Now there’s a study from Harvard that breaks it down. The study does a deep diver on the light spectrum and its effect on us humans in bright as well as low light environments.


reading in bed1
Reading at night on an LCD scree - ouch! Credit: E Ink


Additionally, Andrew Folts created a review of an ePaper monitor – the Boox Mira Pro. He admits he didn’t think he liked it at first. He kept at it and saw some distinct advantages for writing, coding, and other types of content creation. Take a look at his YouTube video on the Boox Mira Pro.


Boox Mira Pro 13.3 inch Boox
Mira Pro has four modes - Normal, Text, Video and Slideshow.  Credit:  Boox


Admittedly, this ePaper monitor has no color capability. And, you won’t be streaming movies and such. But there are settings that help acclimate you to the device, and for writing, reading and other functions – it could be just what you – and your eyes - need.

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