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Back to School with E Ink Digital Paper

Posted by Carolyn Tusinski on 2022-09-15

Leaves change color, lifeguards leave the beaches, we rediscover pumpkin spice – it’s Back to School season!

Digital paper devices are now a staple in the BTS routine, along with new sneakers, backpacks and tech.   After the isolation of the pandemic, we’re ready to further incorporate E Ink technology to bring the best elements of hybrid environments to education and the workplace.



How many books can you have on an eReader? Thousands! There are more titles available every week. I love paper books – but I don’t love storing them. And I didn’t love the heartbreak of discovering the library and bookstores were closed during the height of the pandemic. With an eReader, you can shop from the comfort of your couch! Following are the usual suspects reviewed by Techradar – and color options.

Kobo Libra 2 – Techradar’s top choice overall – 7”, 215g

Kobo Libra 2
Image: Kobo


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – classic, lightweight, great price point. 6.8”, 205g

Kindle Paperwhite
Image: Amazon


Onyx Boox Nova Air C – color. The size is convenient and then there’s color. 7.8”, 235g

Onyx Boox Nova Air C
Image: Onyx Boox


Kobo Elipsa – versatile design includes character recognition – Elipsa can translate handwriting to text! Elipsa made both lists – that’s a lot of power. 10.3”, 383g.

Image: Kobo


PocketBook InkPad Color – color again. Black and white is classic, but color pops. 7.8, 225g


PocketBook InkPad Color-1
Image: PocketBook



When we hear tablets, we think of LCD – but Digital Paper tablets – more commonly known as eNotes – are versatile for reading, note taking, drawing, and sharing files. ReMarkable and the Kobo Elipsa are among the most competitive in the space, in a size similar to a pad of paper. A njever ending notebook – yes, please! CNet reviews the most popular hardware.

ReMarkable 2 – 8GB of storage, 40 different page templates – 7 exclusively for musical notation. The Connect service enables handwriting conversion and integration to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.


Image: ReMarkable


Onyx Boox Note Air 2 – includes 5GB of cloud storage, as well as access to Dropbox, Evernote and OneNote.


Boox Note Air 2
Image:  Onyx Boox

Kobo Elipsa – Elipsa also offers the ebook library service OverDrive, which allows the user to borrow titles from the New York Public Library. Count me impressed!

Image: Kobo


The Digital Paper class of 2022 does not disappoint. Discover your favorite today!

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