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Summer is HERE! In Between New Reads, Have Some Fun with E Ink Technology

Posted by E Ink on 2021-07-02

Here at E Ink, we’re big fans of reading, notetaking and optimizing the work and school experiences. But that doesn’t mean we’re not down for a little summer fun! Whether you’re headed out into the neighborhood with friends or hoping to get a little pleasure reading in, E Ink technology can help. Here’s how.


The Color Experience


Everyone has their own definition of fun, but for many, reading is an integral part of summer vacation. But who says that has to be boring? Breathe some life into your routine with illustrative novels, comic strips, or magazines, on E Ink-powered color eReaders. Whether you’re an adult looking to get some fun reading in on a summer Friday, or a parent trying to encourage your child to continue learning during their summer vacation, color eReaders present the best of both worlds and their bright displays make all the difference.


Color Managa editionImage Credit: E Ink



eReaders like those from Pocketbook and Onyx, complete with our Kaleido and Kaleido Plus color technology, are perfect for this purpose! Check out Pocketbook’s newest device, the InkPad Color, and BOOX Nova3 Color to find the right device for you.


Neighborhood News Feeds


Our partner Soofa is known for its “Neighborhood News Feeds” or outdoor digital signage that shares information relevant to a particular neighborhood, like events, news and other important content or announcements. The brand is expanding rapidly and is proud to fuel community engagement and interaction – especially at a time when we could all use a push to get back into the swing of socialization.



    soofa fenz   soofa_brookline2-1


Image Credit: E Ink






At last, our favorite summer adventure – traveling! If you’re anything like our team here at E Ink, you love to see new places and try new things. Lucky for you, eReaders are the perfect vacation companion if you’re looking to catch some rays and see the sights with a good book by your side.


LakeImage Credit: E Ink



eReaders are small enough for vacation – whether in a weekend duffle or simply in your purse on that road trip – and can give you access to complete libraries of content anytime, anywhere. Want a romantic beach read? These devices have what you’re looking for. A historical fiction to keep those brain cells working? eLibraries have just the thing. No matter the type of reader you are, you never have to be without your next novel, on the go.


So this summer, no matter your plans, make sure you keep E Ink technology by your side. Whether you’re checking out some new color comics by the pool, exploring your neighborhood or taking flight to a new destination, there’s something for everyone.

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