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Navigating “Summer Vacation” Just Got a Bit Easier Thanks to E Ink Technology

Posted by E Ink on 2021-06-15

The past school year was unlike any that had come before it, complete with hybrid education options, eLearning, new technologies and reimagined social interactions. And yet, for kids of all ages, one thing still holds true – at the end of the school year comes summer vacation. And thank goodness for that!

But for parents around the world, summer vacation will mean a few things it hasn’t always meant in the past. For one, kids will be around the house – er, we mean office – a bit more frequently this year and their presence will be felt. What will they be doing all the time to stay occupied and engaged? And how will this impact them? How will they retain the year’s knowledge and beef up their mental stamina in these summer months?

Luckily, E Ink technology offers a number of solutions relevant to these unique challenges. Let’s break them down together.


Healthier Screen Time

 By now, we’ve all heard about the negative impacts of blue light on the health of our eyes. But with remote or hybrid schooling all year long, and now summer vacation to boot, our children will likely spend some of their newfound free time reading, drawing, writing or playing on a screen. Besides, who has time to entertain their children all day long?!

Not to worry, with E Ink-powered eReaders, eNotes and signage, reduce the amount of harmful blue light that reaches the eyes of the beholder compared to traditional LCD devices like tablets, televisions and laptop screens. With that in mind, allowing your children to read their favorite comics, short stories, novels and more on E Ink devices is the best choice for their bodies…and minds.


Child with eReaderImage Credit: E Ink Instagram


Summer Reading

 How are E Ink devices the best choice for your children’s minds this summer? We’re glad you asked.

With entire libraries of content at their fingertips, no matter the E Ink eReader you choose, your children have a world of new ideas, perspectives and vocab words at their disposal at all times, day and night. Not only is this a great distraction during the summer months without school each day, it’s also a great tool to shape young minds and learn new things.

Got an animal lover on your hands? There’s a nonfiction series for that. What about a non-reader? Comic strips are as clear and colorful as ever on devices using E Ink’s Kaleido technology.


Distraction Prevention

 Many of us are familiar with the trials and tribulations of the work from home (WFH) lifestyle and with your kids home for the summer, WFH now means sharing space. Lucky you, we have the perfect solution to reduce interruption and distraction and enhance productivity during these summer months.

Joan Home, powered by E Ink in collaboration with our partner Visionect, is likely to revolutionize your home office for years to come. The device turns any room into a proper workspace, displaying your availability for the day on your door or wall where your roommates, children and family will see it. Of course, as an E Ink product, the display is incredibly energy-efficient, classically styled and boasts paper-like readability without a glare, no matter how bright your space.


Joan Home

Image Credit: Joan Home


For workers adapting to the constant interruption of remote work, and the increase in disruption during summer vacation, especially, Joan Home offers a unique solution.

With all that said, don’t worry, busy moms and dads everywhere. Your kids will be just fine this summer, and your sanity will remain intact too. Just as long as you stock up on the latest tech before that last bell of the school year rings!

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