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Discovering Display Week 2019

Posted by Carter Daignault on 2019-07-11

This past May, I attended Display Week 2019 in San Jose as a new member of the E Ink team. This was my first trade show as well as an introduction to the display industry. It was very interesting to see where E Ink fits into the display industry and to see what other types of companies and products there are in our field.

Attending this trade show was also an enormous learning experience for me, especially when I was in our E Ink booth. When working in the booth, I was approached with many questions regarding E Ink and our products from people with all kinds of interests. This was a great way to learn more about our company, and see what our customer’s interests are. In addition to seeing the customer’s interest, trade shows provide excellent opportunities for customers and companies to network for potential future opportunities.Something else that surprised me at the show was all the other new technologies there. Some highlights for me was seeing the progression in picture quality, AI, 3D displays, and flexible displays. For example, one of the other companies there displayed a very high picture quality TV that rolled itself in and out of a sound bar. I knew the trade show would be a great experience beforehand because of the amount of preparation for our company to attend the show. We spent many hours preparing and setting up, which was a process that was much longer and more detailed than I had expected.Overall, it was a great experience to be at Display Week 2019. I would highly recommend to anyone starting at a new company to attend a trade show themselves for a valuable experience.

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