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My Experience with the Sony 10.3" Digital Paper

Posted by Patti Spanks on 2020-09-21

After joining E Ink in January of 2019, I received the 10.3” Sony Digital Paper eNote. After a short stint of reading directions and making sure the device and the stylus were charged, I began using it right away.

While I was a little timid at its possibilities, it quickly became my note taking device while I began my onboarding journey at E Ink. Especially since my second and third days at E Ink was spent attending our global sales training meetings, and as I had so much to learn about products, our team and our company! I very quickly created pages and pages of notes.

I was able to name each file to be relevant to the subject matter, which was so convenient. I downloaded the digital paper app on my desktop and transferred a lot of the notes into PDF files. This helps to keep my thoughts organized. eNote 2020

Throughout my time at E Ink, I use my eNote regularly. I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about multiple paper notebooks at my desk. It got me thinking: I would love a device like this for my daughters to use in school. When I brought it home, they tested it out and loved it.

At the beginning of the school year in the fall, often the teachers ask us to buy separate notebooks for each subject, or ask for a large 3-ring binder separated by colored tabs and filled with lined paper. While I understand the importance of this, and the fact that good old fashioned paper and pencil is pretty convenient for students, I do feel that the eNote device could be an added bonus for kids.

When Sony came into our office several months ago and demonstrated its abilities in a classroom setting, I was amazed at the possibilities. Educators can use eNote devices to update or mark assignments (papers) or tests in real time in the classroom or remote! Think about the possibilities!

Sony has created a product that is versatile and easy to use. Files can be uploaded and downloaded with the desktop app. This is very handy for signing electronic forms without using a third party program. The Sony can be used as an eReader or to add notes to a document.

I’m eager to see Sony develop more applications for the Digital Paper.

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