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Looking Ahead, How Will Technology Re-Shape Our World?

Posted by E Ink on 2021-08-10

From remote work to telehealth, 2020 fundamentally shifted the way we experience the world around us. The challenges of the last year tested us, crystallizing the need for digital technology and how we can tap into its nearly limitless potential. By tapping into cutting-edge solutions, we can prioritize public safety while moving toward automation in every sector, from retail to healthcare and more.



Digital Signage
As we navigate this new world, digital signage technology offers a sustainable, dynamic way to communicate clearly. Retail, for one, can create a better customer experience by utilizing digital signage to lower the amount of employees needed on the store floor and redeploy them where they’re needed most.



Digital signage helps customers navigate, providing quick and easy wayfinding directions via QR codes and other touchless tools. Retailers can further streamline the customer experience by investing in electronic shelf labels. These labels can display prices, product details or promotions, all without the need for employees to manually update shelves or engage directly with customers.

COVID-19 taught us the importance of many things: frequent hand washing, virtual meetings and the critical need for real-time information from our healthcare providers. It’s no secret that the current system of information sharing is a fragmented process. Medical orders, test results, future procedures and more need to be added to the patient’s EMR (Electronic Medical Record) by a laundry list of practitioners at the nurses’ station or via tablet. With digital paper, the information is centralized and updated as the provider meets with the patient – providing seamless, accurate and immediate access for the provider and patient alike.


E Ink Healthcare-1

As countless book lovers know, physical books carry the traces of whoever read them last – poetic! A heightened focus on health has brought the issue of hygienic reading to the forefront. Using an eReader means you can keep the device to yourself, while still sharing the love of reading and what you learn with your fellow readers.



By tapping into digital solutions, we can shift our experience to one that prioritizes public health and safety. While this technology takes an initial investment, it pays for itself handily in both peace of mind and overall progress.

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