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Is “Screen Stacking” a New Thing?

Posted by E Ink on 2022-07-26

Don’t know what we are talking about? Get on board: “screen stacking” is the latest technique consumers can use to protect eye health.

The idea is to use a second screen – and most of the time, one powered by ePaper technology – in addition to a laptop or tablet. In doing so, activities like reading, note-taking and sending emails can be done on the ePaper screen. This reduces the exposure to bright, high-resolution screens, especially in today’s environment where we are all constantly connected.

To understand this new trend, let’s first take a look at how ePaper technology helps protect eye health.


Feed Your Eyes Some E Ink

 Our days are dominated by screens. As we make our way through each day, we jump from screen to screen, clicking, scrolling, streaming. Our eyes are getting an exhausting workout from staring at bright screens all day long.

ePaper screens powered by E Ink don’t emit any light, but instead reflect it, the same way the pages of a book do, making reading and browsing less tiring.

Screens are everywhere in this digital era. Protecting eye health is not about avoiding screens altogether (because that’s not realistic!), but changing the type of screen to limit the amount of bright light and blue light our eyes are exposed to.


Stack Up Your Screens!

Consumers are getting in on this trend.

In a review article about the Boox Mira monitor, Tyler Hayes from Newsweek connected the E Ink monitor to his MacBook Air.

He used it to extend the built-in computer monitor to give him two screens' worth of space. The setup not only boosted his productivity but also helped relieve eye strain.


Dasung montior

Credit: Tyler Hayes, Newsweek


If we can get eye strain from staring at bright screens for too long, imagine that for workers who are required to process large amounts of data and information on a screen due to their work?

For software engineers and logistics workers, having an E Ink-powered display is even more beneficial. A screen like DASUNG’s 13.3" E-ink Monitor can be a replacement for computer glasses that ease eye strain.


Dasung montior2

Credit: DASUNG


From Bright Screens to Screen Stacking to Screen Shifting

 What’s next for consumers’ eye health journey?

Could “screen shifting” be something that comes after “screen stacking” – replacing bright screens with ePaper devices for reading, writing, and any other work-related task?

This E Ink laptop from Modos gives us a peek into an eyestrain-free future.



Credit: Modos


How do you think this trend will play out in the consumer market?


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