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Improving the Patient Experience With Digital Whiteboards Powered by ePaper Technology

Posted by E Ink on 2023-04-18

Our world has become increasingly more connected. Information can now be accessed at our fingertips, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are transforming how businesses operate across industries – including healthcare.

Automation and electronic medical records (EMRs) are redefining how the industry manages complex workflows and the delivery of care. Healthcare providers must lean in on digital technologies to provide patient experiences in meaningful ways.

In fact, the patient experience is rapidly becoming a strategic priority for healthcare providers. By 2026, software and services that improve the patient experience will reach $13.5 billion in worldwide revenue. This challenges the healthcare industry to leverage technology to bridge the gap between patients’ expectations of care and how it’s delivered to them.


Communication Is Key in Enabling Better Care

 In a healthcare setting like a hospital, patients demand clear and up-to-date information regarding the status of their care – and this is even more important in the emergency department (ED).

 ePaper-powered solutions like digital whiteboards serve as an alternative to traditional whiteboards and television display screens. They can be leveraged in the ED to share status updates, providing more equitable access to patients regarding their health information.


Journal of Medical Internet Research whiteboard
Credit: Journal of Medical Internet Research


From the perspectives of hospital staff, unlike television displays, ePaper whiteboards can be integrated into the hospital’s networking capabilities and can be connected to a central digital database for faster information sharing and analysis.


Brigham and Women's Hospital’s Pilot Program Showcases the Benefits of Digital Whiteboards

 Boston-based hospital, Brigham and Women’s – and one of the top hospitals in America – conducted a pilot program to use E Ink-powered digital whiteboards in their ED. The hospital deployed a 41-inch ePaper whiteboard in four rooms to display clinical information in real time.

The hospital staff enrolled patients to better understand the patient’s perception of the impact of digital whiteboards and assessed patients’ satisfaction during their stay.


BWH Whiteboard2
Credit: Brigham and Womens Hospital


The results the hospital gathered from patients were overwhelmingly positive. Patients expressed satisfaction with their visit, noting that digital whiteboards are, in some cases, “extremely helpful” in understanding their ED stay. They also appreciated the information displayed regarding status check-ins and what to do after discharge.


The Era of Connected Care

Digital whiteboards powered by E Ink technology allow hospitals to focus on delivering high quality services that enable more connected care in the long run.

Check out the details of the pilot program here and the methodology used to gather patient feedback.

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