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Future Ink: Future of Supply Chain

Posted by E Ink on 2020-03-20

Welcome back to Future Ink: a series on how E Ink technology pushes the boundaries between industries to put Creativity on Display. 

The supply chain makes the world go round. Without efficient and reliable ways to produce, distribute and deliver goods, businesses fail. Over the years, technology has made supply chains increasingly reliable, making the process more transparent than ever before.


Supply Chain Development

There’s a ton of technology involved in today’s supply chains. IoT sensors installed in the ceilings of warehouses can track palettes as forklifts move them around, even having the capability to know which forklift operator moved what palette where. Artificial Intelligence can aid in predicting how much demand there will be for a product, using historical data to prevent manufacturers from producing too much or too little at any given time. There’s even a use for robotics, where robots are used to automate tasks and free up human workers for more complex tasks.


Where E Ink Fits In

So how is E Ink involved in this innovation? Digital paper is having an effect on the supply chain world too. If you know E Ink, you know that digital paper is a rugged, long-lasting and low-power method of displaying information. This adds up to a more sustainable option for sharing information in the supply chain process.RFID Tracking

The ParceLive is a real-time tracking solution that monitors conditions of shipment while it is en route. Using a battery-powered 2.9 inch E Ink digital paper display, this tag can operate for several weeks on a single charge – a capability that’s not possible with any other display technology.This feature, coupled with the visual characteristics of ePaper, is compelling for the existing supply chain industry as the tag needs to stay legible in all environmental conditions and with devices such as barcode readers.A Reusable Shipping Container

Did you know that more than a billion trees are cut each year for eCommerce cardboard packaging? LivingPackets is working to solve that with THE BOX, a reusable shipping container featuring an E Ink display in lieu of a printed label. The label updates information on the go, eliminating the need for a new printed label for every shipment.This tech even has an interior that can be configured to support its contents, eliminating the need for wasteful plastic bubble wrap and packing material. These features result in significant reductions of CO2 emissions and waste in landfills from packing materials. Integrated sensors monitor for temperature changes and shocks, providing manufacturers with information on the condition of the goods. Smart Medicine Label

The Faubel Med Label is a smart label for medicinal products in clinical trial. The Med Label uses a small digital paper label to pharmaceutical packaging, integrating RFID tech to update the label on demand. Just like the LivingPackets box, the Med Label uses sensors, to display expiry updates on the medicine inside the bottle – even on a sealed bottle that has yet to be opened.This digital solution provides pharmaceutical companies an alternative to relabeling whenever stability data changes, allowing for considerable time and cost savings to the clinical trials supply chain.


Digital paper enables better communication in the supply chain. Today’s complex world requires transparency in the process and as a result – digital is the way to go. If you’d like to learn more about E Ink, digital paper and the Future of Technology, read the whole Future Ink series at blog.eink.com.

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