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Future Ink: Future of E Ink

Posted by E Ink on 2020-04-22

Welcome back to Future Ink: a series on how E Ink technology pushes the boundaries between industries to put Creativity on Display. Now, we’re taking a road trip to see the innovations of E Ink across the transportation sector. For more futuristic ideas from E Ink, read our blog at blog.eink.comIf you’ve been following along with our Future Ink series, you’ve now learned about the Future of Hospitals, Education, Transportation, Retail and Supply Chain – and how digital paper can transform each industry.

E Ink is rooted in digital paper technology: from eNotes to eReaders to Electronic Shelf Labels – digital paper is who we are. But applications of this technology go much further than information display. For example, at Connected Ink 2018 in Tokyo, we announced a brand new technology called E Ink JustWrite™.Similar to the digital paper displays that we’re best known for, JustWrite is a low-power, bistable, flexible film that is produced in rolls. Without the use of a TFT backplane, this tech delivers a natural writing experience that exhibits almost no latency. The beauty of E Ink JustWrite™ is that it turns any surface, small to large, to be digital writing enabled.Or take for example E Ink JustTint™, a variable transmission light control film.  E Ink JustTint™ enables panes of glass to switch between transparent, to opaque, and anywhere in between with the push of a button.Smart Everything

All kinds of surfaces will be made smart, transforming how people work and live. The sharing of information in the moment creates a more valuable customer experience that they will seek out everywhere they look. From smart medical devices, to smart packaging, smart transportation, smart hospitals and smart textbooks and many other product areas we expect every product – and industry – to become smart.The Intelligence of Things

The growing role of Artificial Intelligence, robust 5G networks and ubiquitous screens will take us beyond an Internet of Things to an Intelligence of Things. The proliferation of digital paper-enabled devices connected to centralized cloud networks will provide customers with a more meaningful level of knowledge for better living and more productive workplaces.This tech even has an interior that can be configured to support its contents, eliminating the need for wasteful plastic bubble wrap and packing material. These features result in significant reductions of CO2 emissions and waste in landfills from packing materials. Integrated sensors monitor for temperature changes and shocks, providing manufacturers with information on the condition of the goods.Deeper Connections

The proliferation of the Intelligence of Things will enable deeper connections between people. For example, instead of nurses needing to waste their precious time updating hospital white boards by hand, E Ink signage syncs information from the hospital database automatically, so caregivers can spend more time at the bedside actually caring for patients. There are a broad range of industries including retail, packaging and healthcare where E Ink will play a role in driving stronger bonds between people.Sustainable Growth & Development

We believe a better future requires a holistic view of sustainability, where robust economic development and business growth goes hand-in-hand with creating a smarter, greener and more paperless world. Disseminating knowledge and streamlining efficiency are being achieved without cutting down millions of trees, or wasting precious water. At the same time, ultra-low power digital paper will increasingly enable new business models that will drive sustainable economic growth that more people participate in. We anticipate the push for 360 degree sustainability to accelerate as businesses seek to thrive while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.


With a focus on innovation, sustainability and Creativity on Display, the future has endless possibilities.


If you’d like to learn more about E Ink, digital paper and our technology, check out the whole Future Ink series at blog.eink.com.

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