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Empowering Engineers: Women Shaping the Future at E Ink

Posted by E Ink on 2024-03-26

Women’s History Month offers a moment for us to pause and acknowledge the incredible impact and accomplishments that women of diverse backgrounds have made throughout history. As this month comes to a close, we want to take the time to recognize some of the exceptional women at E Ink whose unwavering dedication and innovative spirits are shaping our industry.

We interviewed a few Inkers about what inspired them to pursue a career in engineering, their proudest accomplishments, and what advice they would give to young women aspiring to enter the engineering field.


What inspired you to pursue a career in your field?

 Crystal Nguyen, senior research engineer: From a young age, I've been driven by a curiosity about how things work and a passion for creating technology that enriches lives, inspired by experiences ranging from participating in FIRST Robotics to volunteering at a community TV station. These experiences taught me the power of transforming ideas into reality, whether it be through building robots or producing a show. Witnessing the journey from brainstorming to implementation in both robotics and media production solidified my desire to pursue a career in technology. Reflecting on Women's History Month, my journey into a male-dominated field was profoundly shaped by the unwavering support and inspiration from my family and mentors, I couldn’t have done it without their support.

Jennifer Lampron, senior display manufacturing engineer: I watched my father who was an engineer at a tech company. As a young child, he taught me how to make small electrical circuits and assemble small mechanical machines. I was so intrigued to learn how things work. Following in his footsteps just seemed a natural progression.


Crystal N 2023

Crystal working on color applications in the E Ink laboratory.
Credit: E Ink



Can you tell us about a particular project or accomplishment that you’re proud of?

 Crystal: Early in my career, I helped E Ink to establish a foundational production process, encompassing coding, equipment development, documentation, and training for several FPL platforms—a system they continue to use today. This endeavor not only stands as a significant accomplishment I'm proud of but also taught me the importance of cross-functional collaboration. It was a pivotal experience that shaped my approach to all projects.

 Jennifer: I am particularly proud of the projects that my children have been able to see in recent years, including small, segmented displays, the San Diego International Airport Rental Car Center project, and the BMW show vehicles. My daughters see me working long hours, so it is rewarding for me to see them excited about a project I collaborated on!


Jenn L-1

Jennifer at CES 2023 with the i Vision Dee concept car.
Credit: E Ink


What advice would you give to young women aspiring to enter your field?

Crystal: Looking back, I realize it’s perfectly okay not to have everything figured out, including a clear career path, or even knowing exactly what you want—I’m still on that journey myself. Welcoming life's unexpected detours, nurturing your curiosity, leaning on mentors for guidance, and valuing your own unique perspectives are things I would advise everyone.

Jennifer: Take as many science and math classes as much as you can. Take advantage of “Day in the Life” experiences – reach out to anyone you know who is in STEM fields to ask what they do at work, what things they learned in school that most apply to their job and ask if they can take you to work. I encourage everyone to experiment, build something, try to create something new – don't be afraid to fail. When we try and fail, we learn many things about the process of engineering, as well as life. Failing is just the first step in succeeding.

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