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Posted by E Ink on 2018-05-09

How to Pronounce E Ink:

ē ing k


How to use E Ink as text:

The " E " is upper case

The " I " is upper case

The   " n " and " k "  are lower case

There is ONE space between the " E " and the " I "

There is no hyphen between the " E " and "I "


The logo version of "E Ink" cannot be used as text.

Please insure that all text keeps "E Ink" on one line. Most software will automatically split "E Ink" at the end of a line. 


Legal Notification

The E Ink log is a registered trademark of E Ink Corporation; the name and design are protected by law.


Product/Sub-brands as text:

When using E Ink product names, the name is used in combination with E Ink.  E Ink is endorsing the product and the product name should not stand alone and carries the “TM” symbol.



Terms associated with E Ink's electronic paper technology:

ePaper - reflective ink display that does not use a back light.

eBook - a book in electronic form that is available on many forms of electronic display hardware.

eReader - a device specifically designed for reading eBooks vs. a tablet, which has multiple uses beyond reading books.

Electrophoretic ink - is a display element wherein the writing and deleting of patterns can be accomplished by moving charged particles through a solution under the influence of an applied electric field.

Electronic ink - technologies that are designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper.

Electronic paper - technologies that are designed to mimic the appearance of printed ink on paper.

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) - is a display that creates an image by moving charged pigment particles toward (and away) from a viewing surface.  EPDs replicate the look and feel of paper.  Some EPDs are very thin and are bistable - they only require power when the image is being updated.

Reflective display - relies on ambient light, which is any sort of outside light, for example sunlight or room light.


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