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Customer Highlights: ePaper Innovations

Posted by E Ink on 2022-10-18

At E Ink, we're lucky to have forward-thinking customers across the globe innovating with ePaper technology to bring efficiency, sustainability, and ingenuity to their projects and installations.

We love to see what our customers have been up to and the solutions that they come up with. Check out the latest ePaper installations across transportation, food and beverage retail, and outdoor signage.


Delivering Real-Time Travel Information

Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority recently deployed Connectpoint's transit displays to bring their riders real-time information at the bus-stop level, making the transportation experience as seamless as possible for the people of Charleston.


Connectpoint Oct 2022
Image credit: Connectpoint



During InnoTrans last month in Berlin, Germany, our customer Papercast also announced some exciting news: the 28-inch IP67-protected ePaper display. These rugged displays can keep travelers up to date even in extreme hot or cold temperatures!


Papercast Oct 2022
Image credit: Papercast



Modernizing the Customer Experience in Food Retail

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are no longer something you see only in retail stores, they are coming to bakeries as well.

Leveraging the innovative solutions by our customer Pricer, Panash Bakery in Hong Kong Telfold Plaza rolled out real-time price tags for their baked goods.


Accuweight Technology ESL 1 Oct 2022
Image credit: Acurweight Technology Limited


These in-store displays benefit not only the consumers but also store managers for more streamlined inventory and price management, with the end goal of providing improved experiences to their customers.


Accuweight Technology ESL 2 Oct 2022
Image credit: Acurweight Technology Limited



Keeping Communities Connected

Keep your eye out for this 32-inch ePaper display from Digital View in the Wild Mile Chicago! 

This display uses zero power until it updates and keeps the community informed with upcoming events, things to do in the community, maps, and more.


Digital View Oct 2022
Image credit: Digital View


Like wayfinding signage, a display like this allows people to better connect with their surroundings. If you’ve ever been lost in a large city or unfamiliar place, you know how frustrating it can be to try and find your way around. Outdoor digital signage can help reduce that frustration by providing clear and concise directions and upcoming events to keep residents and travelers informed.


Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs highlighting other innovative ePaper solutions we are seeing – including a fully customizable door sign for your home!









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