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CES 2024: Surfaces Are Getting Smarter and Highly Customizable

Posted by E Ink on 2024-01-30

Early January was a busy time for us at E Ink. CES 2024 returned to Las Vegas and our team had a blast at the show connecting with customers, partners, and checking out the innovative (and sometimes wacky!) technology that were showcased.

In case you missed it, E Ink’s Tim O’Malley shared his essentials for his long flights to CES. Who else can’t live without their ePaper devices when traveling?


Tims Tech E Ink

E Ink’s Tim O’Malley sharing what he packed for his flights to Las Vegas

Credit: E Ink


Reimagined Surfaces. The Talk of the Tradeshow Floor.

 It’s the foundation on which immersive and personalized experiences are made possible, allowing users to customize and design their devices and applications based on personal preferences to show their unique personalities.

Take Infinix’s E-Color Shift smartphone, for example. The device features E Ink’s Prism 3 technology on its back panels. This innovative approach allows the phone's shell to change 'skins' at will, maintaining the display while reducing power consumption.


Infinix phone Verge

Credit: The Verge


Lenovo’s ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 SPE concept laptop was another consumer device that was a total showstopper.

This was not the first time Lenovo leveraged E Ink’s technology, but the concept laptop plays with color, allowing consumers to build different designs and patterns on the laptop cover.


Lenovo ThinkPad GoodeReader

Credit: Good eReader


On the other side of the show, Cream Guitars showcased a concept guitar that had many attendees go “wow!”.

The guitar features E Ink Prism 3 technology and it can be switched between different colors and controlled via a smartphone app. Imagine seeing your favorite guitarist or musician use this guitar at their show. They can sync the color change with the rhythm and emotion of the music – talk about immersive experiences!


Cream guitar

Cream Guitars showcasing a color-changing guitar at NAMM 2024.

Credit: E Ink


Of course, we can’t forget about the Kohler smart toilet. Our friends at The Verge were surprised to see the application – but that just goes to show how smart surfaces can be integrated into every part of our lives!


toilet Verge

Credit: The Verge

Reimagined surfaces go beyond the show floor at CES. E Ink’s Tim O’Malley predicts that smart surfaces will become more prevalent in 2024 and applications will be seen across industries such as smart cities, transportation, signage, and more.


What was your favorite part of CES this year?

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