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At HIMSS, Technology Gets Creative To Address Health and Wellness Needs

Posted by E Ink on 2022-04-05

Personalization and digital engagement are trending in healthcare. Improving the patient experience is at the center, and companies are looking to create tech-enabled ways for healthcare and frontline workers to collaborate in order to do so.

In mid March, the E Ink team attended the HIMSS Conference in Orlando, Fla., and a few innovative technologies in digital health caught our attention that is aimed to address this need.


Streamlining Operations With Digital Paper Technology

Healthcare workers have long relied on paper-based processes – from registering patients to taking care notes and documenting medical history. However, with the rise of electronic medical records (EMRs), digital information has become an essential component of healthcare operations.

Technology solutions such as a digital paper tablet bring the benefits of paper into a dynamic, updatable medium to improve information exchange and reduce errors during the data collection process. Its low-power consumption allows maximum flexibility for healthcare workers.

For example, the E Ink Gen 3 eNote can bring updated information to healthcare workers and connect to EMRs to ensure the information is accurate. It offers both a way to reduce paper usage and reduce energy usage, with a battery that can go weeks between charges.

In addition to digital paper tablets, digital paper signage also plays a critical role in providing support for healthcare staff and creating an engaging experience for patients.


eNoteCredit: E Ink


Wearable Technology in Healthcare – Waist Is the New Wrist

Welt wowed us with cool wearable technology at HIMSS.

Waist size is a key metric for gauging overall health. Leveraging IoT and sensor technology, Welt’s magnetic waist sensor is embedded in the buckle. It tracks waist size in real-time and detects patterns in small steps that wearable items on the wrist typically cannot.

The Smart Belt Pro has the world’s first fall prevention function to an already rich set of features including sitting time measurement, monitoring for overeating and step counting.

Health and wellness have become a top priority with the shift to a virtual work environment, and technology has enabled us to approach wellness and self-care in a different way.



Credit: Welt


Digital Front Door – Reimagining Telehealth

Patients want to manage their health at the time and in the place most convenient for them – telehealth and omnichannel appointment management (or “digital front door”) are the new norms.

From conducting an online provider search and using the patient portal to book an appointment to scheduling a telehealth visit and interacting with doctors in real-time, a digital front door like Cisco’s solution brings multiple touchpoints along the patient’s virtual care journey to provide convenience and better patient experience.

But a digital front door isn’t simply a technology tool. It also helps achieve sustainability goals.

Less travel time to and from appointments and the opportunity for remote services reduce emissions and lowers carbon footprint.


video conference tabletCredit: Cisco


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