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A Custom E Ink Segmented Display Can Benefit Your Battery Management

Posted by E Ink on 2021-11-23

New Webinar - E Ink: Fuel up your Battery Management - December 16, 2021, 1 pm ET



What's your battery status?
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The number of devices we need to charge grows every year. Keeping track of the battery power of various devices is more important than ever. For consumer electronics with a display, this is simple, but with devices without a display, knowing when to charge becomes more challenging. A battery fuel gauge reference design together with an E Ink segmented display will increase your confidence as to how much charge remains in your battery at a glance.

What is a battery fuel gauge reference design? Why do I need this? How can I incorporate this reference design into my battery project? Swing over on December 16, 2021 at 1:00 PM ET for a webinar that will answer these questions and more. Learn how the addition of a segmented display can enhance your energy storage product. See how the E Ink battery fuel gauge reference design can be implemented in your project. Learn how a display technology with hundreds of millions of deployments can also work for you.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

 - Product Designers looking for something more than an LED

 - Product Managers looking to make their product really stand out in the market

 - Design engineers needing an easy way to implement an E Ink display into their system

 - Anyone who values a thin, lightweight, sunlight readable display

The presenters are:

Bryan Chan - Senior Director of Business Development at E Ink. Bryan leads a group whose mission is to develop concepts and bring them to the market with E Ink technology.

Steve O'Neil - Product Manager for E Ink Segmented display products. With over 25 years of Business Development, Engineering and Technical Sales experience, Steve manages the process from concept to production. Steve is responsible for display designs in Consumer Electronics, Mobile Devices, Industrial Applications, Retail and Medical Devices, resulting in the sales of hundreds of millions of displays.

Register for the webinar here.


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