Digital Paper Enables New Hospital Applications – Webinar
Patient Care Sign with Nurse Call System Integration

Digital Paper Enables New Hospital Applications – Webinar

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, E Ink Corporation presented a free 30 minute webinar demonstrating how hospitals using Digital Paper can advance healthcare and positively impact the third most common cause of death – medical errors.  Current Digital Paper hospital deployments will be discussed.


Watch this exciting 30 minute webinar and learn how Digital Paper how Digital Paper from E Ink can make a difference in healthcare communication – and potentially save lives.

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Digital paper is permeating every facet of our lives. Integral to the evolution of Smart Hospitals and IoT (Internet of Things), the inherent properties of Digital Paper  – low power requirement, reflective technology, absence of blue light and familiarity to users – makes it a perfect fit for Smart Hospitals.

Patient care is the catalyst for digitalization in the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers work to provide the best possible care. Presenting accurate information throughout the care continuum is critical to saving lives.

Hospitals using Digital Paper displays say that they have saved money, and that patients and clinicians report improved experiences. This webinar will discuss typical use-cases of digital paper displays (room information displays, digital whiteboards, etc.) implemented in patient wards. US and international hospitals have seen improved efficiencies while utilizing digital paper displays, while patients and clinicians report improvement in the clinical experience – for all parties.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

Clinicians, IT professionals, digital solution providers, operations managers, system integrators and installers in healthcare should consider attending this webinar to learn how Digital Paper from E Ink can make a difference in healthcare communication – and potentially save lives.

About the presenters

JQ Xi – Strategic Partnership Manager at E Ink. In this role, JQ is responsible for the US healthcare market business development and strategic partnership formation. Currently, JQ is mainly focused on awareness promotion in healthcare community for Digital Paper technology and building the partnership to serve US healthcare market.

Stanley Chiang – Director of Strategic Partnership in E Ink. Stanley has many years of experience in business development for the global healthcare market and its ecosystem. Stanley is leading the Strategic Partnership Development team in E Ink to bring Digital Paper to the healthcare industry in the US.

Ryan Robb – Director of Business Development in DCI Health Technology. DCI is dedicated to bringing cutting edge, innovative products and services to the market. Currently, DCI is working with E Ink to bring Digital Paper displays to US healthcare facilities. Ryan and other DCI team members are deeply rooted in US healthcare community. Ryan is leading the business development effort in DCI.

Charlie Alvarez – CEO of DCI Health Technology, Inc. and a skilled and experienced executive with a successful track record of growing multiple U.S. early stage healthcare and hospital technology firms into thriving and valuable companies. Charlie’s deep domain expertise in medical device and cloud-based technology has led to multiple exits that provided exceptional shareholder value.

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