CES 2020

CES 2020

E Ink at CES 2020: Starting the Decade With Innovation

Another year is here, kicked off with another CES! With companies across the globe descending upon Las Vegas to show off the latest and greatest in technology, it’s always an electric atmosphere buzzing with excitement about what the year will bring – and our team was no exception.

Reusable Label made with E Ink

We made two exciting announcements at the show this year. The first is with a company called LivingPackets: the release of a sustainable, reusable packaging called THE BOX for ecommerce and logistics, featuring a digital paper tag from E Ink. As the world becomes increasingly connected with on-demand deliveries of anything and everything, it’s imperative to find a sustainable solution to replace the ever-increasing mountain of cardboard boxes that the industry is creating. In addition to tackling CO2 emissions and sustainability, THE BOX uses integrated sensors to monitor the conditions inside – like temperature, humidity and shocks from being dropped or jostled – and ensure that goods arrive as intended.

We also made a quite colorful announcement: new color additions to our technology portfolio! One of those technologies, called Print Color, uses a new printed Color Filter Array (CFA) to create a thinner, lighter display. Particularly useful in Education and Note Taking applications, the faster ink enables animations and video for an eye-catching reading experience. The addition of color makes features like highlighting and color-coding available for eNote uses in education and professional applications.

All around – another exciting year for E Ink at CES. What are you excited to see come to life in 2020?

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