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Posted by Steve O'Neil on 2020-11-30


If you’ve been following E Ink throughout our history, you’d see that we cover a range of applications - eReader, memory sticks, watches, medical devices……. the list goes on. What I’d like to discuss is medical devices, specifically glucose meters.



Glucose meters are a necessity for approximately 10.5% of the United States based on the latest CDC data. This means these people need to have some sort of a device to take, store and track readings on a regular basis. These devices span a broad range of complexities, but I want to focus on the simple and less sexy.

Some people with diabetes experience a reduction in visual capability.   For this reason, an E Ink display can be a benefit for people with diabetes. E Ink displays are readable at close to an 180 degree angle, do not suffer degradation in sunlight and offer easy to read characters that other technologies may not. Combine this with other benefits such as bi-stability, light weight, white on black or black on white characters and in some cases, non-glass construction - an E Ink display may be for you.


Ink Film


E Ink offers displays with full graphic capability, Matrix or Custom design, predefined character capability - Segmented. In some cases, colors may be possible. In any case, either display type has the characteristics previously mentioned.

If you think E Ink may be the solution for you, let us know.  Contact us here.

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